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In the midst of the digital revolution, developers Jarrett and Brad, started a journey that would not only redefine their careers but also leave a lasting impact on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

With a combined experience of over 15 years implementing CRM, Jarrett and Brad found themselves collaborating on various projects, from small startups to multinational corporations, each time tailoring unique CRM solutions that drove sales, improved customer service, and enhanced marketing strategies. Despite their successes, they consistently noticed a gap in the market: a lack of CRM solutions that were not only technologically advanced but also accessible and adaptable for businesses of all sizes.

Determined to fill this gap, they built a business that could offer innovative, custom CRM solutions grounded in the practical lessons they had learned from their extensive hands-on experience. A company that would not just implement software but would partner with clients ensuring that every aspect of the CRM system was leveraged to its fullest potential.

In 2023, this shared vision emerged, and Jarrett & Brad founded Pinnacle Innovation Group. Their approach combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of business processes, focusing on creating systems that are as innovative as they are intuitive.

Today, Pinnacle Innovation Group stands at the forefront of the CRM industry, helping businesses unlock the power of their customer relationships. Driven by the mission to empower businesses worldwide with the tools to connect with their customers in ever more meaningful ways.

Here are a few industries we have worked with:

Trades (Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Builders, Roofers, and more.): Manage project schedules, client communications, invoicing, supplier interactions, and service history, ensuring efficient operations and exceptional customer service for every job.

Healthcare: Manage patient records, appointments, and communications while complying with privacy regulations.

Real Estate: Track client interactions, property listings, and deals in progress, with features for scheduling showings and managing contracts.

Financial Services: Manage client accounts, compliance documentation, personalized financial advice, and customer service interactions.

Technology: Manage customer support tickets, product development feedback, subscription models, and client onboarding.

Legal Services: Case management, client communications, document storage, and billing.

Non-Profit: Donor management, event planning, volunteer coordination, and campaign tracking.

Transportation and Logistics: Manage shipments, customer communications, route planning, and fleet management.

Agriculture: Customer management, supply chain interactions, and tracking product sales and distributions.

Telecommunications: Manage customer subscriptions, service requests, network maintenance schedules, and customer feedback.

Travel and Tourism: Booking management, customer service, personalized travel recommendations, and loyalty programs.

Retail: Customer behavior tracking, personalized marketing, inventory management, and sales forecasting.

Manufacturing: Manage customer orders, production schedules, supply chain interactions, and after-sales service.

Education: Track student engagements, alumni relations, donor management, and outreach programs.

Hospitality: Enhance guest experiences through personalized services, booking management, and loyalty programs.

Construction: Manage project timelines, client communications, supplier interactions, and contract documentation.

Automotive: Track sales leads, customer service records, inventory, and post-sale services.

Marketing and Advertising: Manage client campaigns, analytics, creative feedback, and billing.

Professional Services: Consulting and engineering project management, billing, client communications, and document management.

Energy and Utilities: Manage customer accounts, service requests, outage communications, and billing.

Pharmaceuticals: Manage doctor and pharmacy relationships, patient education efforts, and regulatory compliance documentation.

And many more…



A seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience developing CRM systems,
specializing in strategic planning, system analysis, custom development, data conversion, and
system integrations. Jarrett has deployed over 500 implementations of
Microsoft Dynamics CRM and lead numerous successful projects.

With a solid foundation in programming languages, Jarrett’s expertise spans developing, automating workflows, and crafting solutions that enhance productivity at all levels. His tenure at Anthology and previously holding pivotal roles in companies like Ellucian and SMO Energy has demonstrated a knack for fostering innovation, managing complex data migrations, and spearheading custom development projects. Always ensuring that automated systems meet growing information requirements, and improving organizational efficiency and profitability.


Helping organizations realize their potential for over 15 years, Brad specializes in organizational management, strategic planning, cost reduction, CRM strategy and system consolidations. Brad has led or been involved in over 300 implementations for Microsoft Dynamics in all parts of the world.

Brad previously led implementation teams at companies like Anthology & Ellucian. Brad loves to tackle the problems facing customers to help achieve greater success and help them see a better return on their investment.








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